Shomanin (Temple)
  5-38, Yuhigaokacho, Tennoji-ku
[ Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka ]by Tanimachi Line
 about 150m to the southwest
 When Shotokutaishi founded the Shitennoji temple, he constructed four affiliated temples, one of which called Seyakuin is said to be the former self of this temple.
 The temple is dedicated to the Aizen-myoo(the God of love) called Aizen-san. The Aizen Festival traditionally marks the beginning of the summer festival season in Osaka, crowded with people to see a parade of palanquins named Hoekago.
 The Tahoto, the pagoda of treasures, in the precincts was constructed in the early years of  Keicho(about 1600).
 It is one of the largest pagodas in this country and only one building what is left in Osaka constructed in the Momoyama period(an important cultural property).
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