Gansenji (Temple)
The garden is a scenic spot designated by Osaka Prefecture
  2- 27, 2-chome, Daikoku, Naniwa-ku
[ Daikokucho ]by Midosuji and Yotsubashi Line
 about 200m to the west
 Acceding to the history of the temple, the temple was founded by Hossyo, the 8th son of Onono Imoko and it was as old as the Shitennoji temple.
 It held a guest building and a tea-ceremony room designated as national treasures but both were burned down by the War.
 Trees of the garden which was made by Soami were partly burned down but it is restored as before.
 In the temple there is an organization named Garyoken to succeed gagaku so that the ancient court music should be maintained and developed.
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