Death place of Omura Masujiro
  2-chome, Hoenzaka, Chuo-ku
at the southeast corner of National Osaka Hospital
[ Kokuritsu Osaka Byoin-mae ]by bus
 He was born in Suwo(Yamaguchi Prefecture) in the 7th year of Bunsei(1824).
 When he was 23(the 3rd year of Koka,1846), he came over to Osaka and became a pupil of a private school Tekijuku. He became the chief of pupils after a year.
 He was appointed Hyobu Daiyu by the Meiji government in the 2nd year of Meiji(1869) and made efforts to found the modern army system.
 He was attacked in Kyoto in Sept the same year by discontented descendants of samurais who had an antipathy against him.
 He was seriously wounded of his right leg but could not receive adequate treatment there, so he was hospitalized in the Naniwa Tentative Hospital located near the monument and had the right leg amputated.
 However, he was too late for cure and died of blood poisoning.
 The amputated leg was buried beside the tomb of his teacher Ogata's by his last wish.(Ryukaizenji temple at Kita-ku)

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