The site of Hachikenya port 
  2-10, Kyomachi, Temmabashi, Chuo-ku
Nagataya Konbuten
[ Temmabashi ]by Tanimachi and Keihan Line
 about 100m to the west
 The southern part of the area between Temmabashi and Tenjinbashi was the landing and starting point for those who came from Kyoto by boat to make a pilgrimage to the Shitennoji temple and the Kumano Shrines in the Heian period.
 The port was called after the scenery of 8 inns on the riverbank.
 In those days, there were a lot of comings and goings by “30 kokubune” between Osaka and Fushimi.
 The side-wheeler boat appeared instead in the Meiji era and the time required was shortened.
 Later the boat was replaced by railroad transportation, but cargo transportation lasted until around the 20th year of Showa.
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