Tomb of Taiya Teiryu 
  3-64, 1-chome, Shitaderamachi, Tennoji-ku
Kodenji temple
[ Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka ]by Tanimachi Line
 about 250m to the northwest
 He was born in the 3rd year of Jowo(1654) as a son whose father was a confectioner doing business in a big way in front of the Minamimido under the style of Taiya.
 His father and his father's younger brother were famous haiku writers.
 He gave play to his talent of kyoka, a comic tanka while young under the influence of them.
 Before that time kyoka was an only hobby of haiku writers but professional kyoka writers appeared in succession after him.
 The main stream of kyoka moved to the Kanto region and kyoka got very prosperous there, such as Ota Shokusanjin was among them.
 Teiryu was the origin of kyoka's stream.
 His confectionery suffered from a fire and went to ruin, so he lived in seclusion at Kozu.
 But he was said to look delighted rather with avoiding trouble as a confectioner.
 He died at 81 in the 19th year of Kyoho(1734).
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