The site of Nishimachi Bugyosho
  2, Hommachibashi, Chuo-ku
in front of My Dome Osaka
[ Uchihommachi 2-chome]by bus
 about 100m to the north
 The Osaka magistrate, or Osaka Machibugyo, who was under the control of the Rojyu(the senior officer of the shogunate) took the charge of the police, the administration, the judicial power.
 There were two(east and west town) magistrates' offices and they took turns at one-month shifts.
 The Nishimachi magistrates' office moved here after the big fire in the 9th year of Kyoho(1724) from the place of the present Otemae Godo Office, where it had been lined with the Higashimachi magistrates' office and the scale of its office was being cleared by the late excavated investigation.
 After the Meiji Restoration, the magistrates' office became that of the Osaka Prefecture.
 It was moved to Enokojima in the 7th year of Meiji and the site became the Osaka Hakubutsukan(zoo, fine arts museum, library) being crowded with people.
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