Tomb of Hirose Kyokuso 
  1-31, Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku
Tokokuji temple
[ Tennoji ] by Midosuji and JR Line
 about 200m to the north
 Kyokuso was born in the 4th year of Bunka(1807) at Hita in Oita Prefecture.
 His elder brother is Hirose Tanso.
 Initially he helped Tanso manage the private school, Kangien and later came over to Osaka in the 7th year of Tempo(1836) at age 30 and opened his school at Sakai(Osaka Prefecture).
 He lived in Edo for some time. Though he often made a journey, he always took an active part in Osaka till the end of his life.
 He was absorbed in his writings and was good at composing poetry.
 When he taught how to compose poetry, he respected his disciple's individuality without imposing regulations.
 The diary named “Nikkan Saiji Bibo”(the memories of daily trifling matters) that had been written from his age 27 to the day before his death was a precious historical material of the day and Kyokuso.
 He died in the 3rd year of Bunkyu(1863) at age 57.
 In addition, the temple has a tomb of Hazama Chogai.
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