Monument in memory of tidal wave which was caused by major earthquakes
  3-chome, Saiwai-cho, Naniwa-ku
at the east end of Taishobashi
[ Taishobashi ]by bus
 about 150m to the east
 Osaka suffered a big blow from continuous earthquakes on the 14th of June, on the 4th and 5th of November in the 7th year of Kaei(1854, called Ansei).
 The state of damage written in historical documents was different from each other.
 According to “Osaka Sishi”(the history of Osaka city), the drowned were 273, the damaged vessels were 1,800 but the dead were as many as 600 by another document.
 Those who lived nearby proposed and erected a monument in memory of the dead July, in the 2nd year of Ansei.
 The monument gave a clear and simple account of the damage, especially advising you not to get on board to avoid an earthquake in danger of tide wave and added that you keep the inscripted letters clean to read easily.
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