The site of Sumo public entertainment place
  2-chome, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku
Minamihorie Park
[ Nishinagahori ]by Sennichimae Line and
 Nagahoritsurimiryokuti Line
 about 300m to the southeast
 The sumo that had been an event of the Court was abolished in the 4th year of Shoan(1174), but prevailed in the class at their own residence in the Medieval period.
 The sumo among the general public was severely prohibited by the shogunate before the era of Genroku for it was thought to be detrimental to public morals.
 Since around the era of Genroku, the severe prohibition was gradually eased and the first sumo performance in Osaka was run at the site in the15th(1702) or the 5th year.
 The performance was regularly run in every four seasons for 8days and two groups of sumo in Osaka and Tokyo were later consolidated into Dainihon Sumo Kyokai.
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