The site of Inari Shrine Bunraku theater
  2, 4-chome, Minami Kyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku
Namba Shrine
[ Hommachi ]by Midosuji and Chuo Line
 about 200m to the south
 Ningyo Jyoruri had more greater appeal than Kabuki at one time but it rapidly sank into oblivion with the fall of both Takemotoza and Toyotakeza.
 However, it was Uemura Bunrakuken the first who restored the Jyoruri to life.
 Bunrakuken the second put up booth at Inari Jinja shrine (a subordinate of Namba Shrine)(in the 8th year of Bunka, 1811). Though it was interrupted temporarily by the Reform of Tempo, it continued until the 4th year of Meiji being called the Bunrakuken's theater.
 This is the origin of the name of Bunraku.
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