The site of Osaka Gold Exchange Market
  1-chome, Kitahama, Chuo-ku
Osaka Security Market Center
[ Kitahama ] by Sakaisuji and Keihan Line
 The monetary system in the era of Edo was operated by means of calculation and measuring of weight.
 Gold, silver and cotton were respectively measured by the Ryo, Kan and Monme.
 Currency in circulation in the Kanto area was gold, and silver in the Kansai area.
 To make matters more complicated, the rate of exchange between gold and silver was ruled by law but actually decided in the market, so the exchange market of gold was of high value.
 The place of the market was around the Koraibashi at first, but later it was moved here(in the 3rd year of Kanpo,1743) and closed with the abolishment of silver exchange after the Meiji Restoration.
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