Cradle land of Osaka Municipal Street Railway
  8, 2-chome, Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku
[ Kujoshinmichi ]by bus
 The foundation of Osaka Municipal Street Railway started  September, in the 36th year of Meiji.
 It was about 5km long from the west end of the Hanazonobashi to the Chikko wharf.
 Five railway trains were equipped and one of them was double deck. In summer people were out by the railway to enjoy the cool breezes of the evening or fishing.
 It kept on developing as a chief measure of transportation by citizens.
 It was run on such a large scale at its peak that the route length was 116km( in the 20th year of Showa) and its number of passengers amounted to some 522,000,000 a year( in the 18th year of Showa).
 It was all removed because of traffic congestion in the 44th year of Showa and it closed 66 years of its history.
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