Tamatsukuri Inari Jinja(Shrine)
  3, 2cho-me, Tamatsukuri, Chuo-ku
[ Morinomiya ] by Chuo and JR Line
 about 500m to the southwest
 Ukanomitamano-Mikoto and others are enshrined.
 The shrine has little historical records because of its suffering from war.
 The building was reconstructed in the 8th year of Keicho(1603) by Toyotomi Hideyori, but burned down by the Summer Siege. Only the stone torii, a gateway at the entrance, survived now.
 The shrine had faced a sharp cliff, commanding a fine view, opening toward the east, and the area had been undulating.
 The Osaka citizens carried earth and sand got by dredging a river to the shrine to make the land flat, “Sunamochi”(carrying sand) in the first year of Kansei(1789).
 The shrine was crowded with men and women of all ages in matching kimonos gathering here for about a month.
 In addition, this area was the site of tamatsukuribe's residence who made the ancient magatama, or comma shaped beads.
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