The site of Osaka Tawaramono Club
  2-15, 2-chome, Kitahama, Chuo-ku
[ Kitahama ] by Sakaisuji and Keihan Line
 In the era of Edo, export goods from Nagasaki were such as dried sea cucumbers, dried abalones, dried fins of sharks that were all packed with straw rice bags, or tawara.
 Foreign trade payment had been dealt with gold, silver and cotton at that time.
 An outflow of these metals from Japan was so immense that a part of its trade payment was replaced with stuffs packed with straw rice bags called tawaramono.
 The club was established to gather tawaramono for the convenience of those who were concerned in the first year of Enkyo(1744), but it often moved until being settled at this site in the 6th year of Anei(1777).
 Later it was run exclusively by the shogunate but it didn't work well.
 The club remained until the end of the shogunate.
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