Tomb of Takemoto Gidayu
  14-1, Daido, Tennoji-ku
Choganji temple
[ Daido 2-chome ]by bus about 100m to the west
 He was said to be the originator of gidayubushi joruri, the ballad drama with a form of gidayu. 
 He was born around here in the 4th year of Keian(1651), where a monument of his birthplace is erected about 100m away to the south of the Horikoshijinja shrine.
 He studied hard from his youth about kouta(a Japanese ballad accompanied on the shamisen), zokuyo(a folk song) to the length of calls of street vendors.
 After he received his training in Kyoto and Osaka, he set up as an independent reciter of ballad dramas in the 6th year of Enpo(1677).
 He invited Chikamatsu Monzaemon as a writer and thanks to the united efforts of shamisen and puppet players, financial cooperators, he had a great success by staging “Sonezaki Shinju”(a double suicide of Sonezaki).
 He died in the 4th year of Shotoku at age 64.
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