The site of Takemotoza 
  8, 1-chome, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku
in front of Naniwaza
[ Namba ]by Midosuji and Kintetsu Line
 about 150m to the northeast
 Takemotoza was a play theater opened to perform a ballad drama with puppet by the first Takemoto Gidayu in the first year of Jokyo(1684).
 He invited Chikamatsu Monzaemon as an author attached to the theater and it was a great box-office success.
 He gave the show management to Takeda Izumo in a few years. He was absorbed in performing a ballad drama and became more popular than before.
 Izumo made efforts to keep its popularity despite of the death of Gidayu and Chikamatsu.
 The ballad drama with puppet was on the decline and closed its history of 80 years in the 4th year of Meiwa(1767).
 In those days there were many theaters of the ballad drama with puppet such as Takemotoza, Nakanoshibai, Kadonoshibai, Kakumarunoshibai, Toyotakeza, Takedanoshibai, and they competed with each other performing their brilliant play.
 The theaters survived to play the Kabuki in succession such as Onishinoshibai, Chikugonoshibai, Ebisuza, Naniwaza.
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