The site of Kukenmachi Sakura bank 
  15, 1-chome, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku
Shinmachikita Park
[ Nishi Ohashi ]by Nagahoritsurimiryokuti Line
 about 250m to the north
 Shinmachi, which was one of the most famous licensed quarters like the Shimabara in Kyoto, Yoshiwara in Tokyo, was set up about Meireki (about 1656).
In those days it was only one licensed quarters in Osaka. It was said that the name of Kukenmachi was derived from Kuken Chaya (nine tea shops) that had been located at Tamatsukuri and were moved here.
 The Yoshidaya that was famous place where courtesans were gathering and often found in the works of Saikaku, Chikamatsu survived around here until the War.
 Kukenmachi was famous for its cherry blossoms.
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