Tomb of Asada Goryu 
  5-3, Yuhigaokacho, Tennoji-ku
 Joshunji temple
[ Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka ]by Tanimachi Line
 about 300m to the west
 He was an astronomer in the Edo era.
 He was born in Bungo district(Oita Prefecture) and came over to Osaka in the 8th year of Meiwa(1771).
 He was absorbed in astronomical observation, while he practised medicine.
 He made efforts to improve tools for astronomical observation such as a telescope, a reflecting mirror and he invented the Kepler's third law by himself.
 Takahashi Yoshitoki, Hazama Chogai and Yamagata Banto were among his disciples.
 He died in the 11th year of Kansei at age 66.
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