Imamiyaebisu Jinja (Shrine) 
  6, 1-chome, Ebisunishi, Naniwa-ku
[ Imamiyaebisu ]by Nankai Line
 about 100m to the northeast
 This shrine is familiar with residents in Osaka called “Imamiya no Ebisusan”.
 Amaterasu-Omikami, Hirukono-Mikoto and others are enshrined.
 It's unknown when the shrine was founded but taking the fact into account that the shrine was under the control of the Shitennoji temple around the era of Meiji Restoration, the shrine must have had close relationship with the temple.
 The prosperity as god of business was recorded in the historical documents in the early years of Edo era and is crowded with people on the 10th of January called “Toka(10th day)Ebisu”.
 They have the interesting habit that after praying to God in front of the main building they turn to the rear and pat on wainscots to make their prayer double sure.
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