The site of Osaka Type Printing Works
  4, 2-chome, Otedori, Chuo-ku
[ Uchihommachi 2-chome ]by bus
 about 300m to the northeast
 Motoki Shozo founded the type printing works to comply with the request of Godai Tomoatsu in the 3rd year of Meiji.
 This site is the origin of the modern type printing in Osaka.
 He was an interpreter of Dutch at Nagasaki the end era of the shogunate. Being well acquainted with Western books he worried about the old-fashioned printing technique(wood-block printing), so he kept studying all sorts of the technique from documents concerned and at last he became the first of Japan to succeed in casting of type poured from lead(the 4th year of Kaei,1851).
 He participated later in setting up the first iron bridge in Osaka Koraibashi and other enterprises but he never forgot the importance of the type printing.
 He founded the type printing training school, or Kappandenshusyo and made efforts to make popular as soon as possible of the technique around the country.
 He passed away at age of 52 in the 8th year of Meiji.
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