Koshindo (Temple)
  2-16, Horikoshicho, Tennoji-ku
[ Tennoji ] by Midosuji and JR Line
 about 400m to the northeast
 Legend has it that a deity named Shomenkongodoji made its appearance around here on January 7, in the first year of Taiho(701) of the Emperor Monmu and appeased an prevalent epidemic, so the site is said to be the origin of the worship to the Koshin faith.
 There is a shrine named “San En-do”, in the precinct, where three stone-monkeys are enshrined.
 One of those monkeys shuts its eyes, another shuts its ears and the third shuts its mouth.
 Those monkeys give us a lesson not to do anything stung by our conscience.
 Some people have the habit of eating konnyaku(paste made from konjak flour) looking toward north on the Koshin day to invite good fortune.
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