The birthplace of Nakamura Ganjiro
  17, 1-chome, Shinmachi, Nishi-ku
[ Nishi Ohashi ]by Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line
 about 200m to the north
 Ganjiro(Hayashi Tamataro) was born around here at Shinmachi (in the first year of Manen,1860). His father was a famous Kabuki actor Nakamura GanjakuV.
 When he was at age 3, he and his mother parted from his father. Since then he suffered hardships of life and he appeared first on stage at age 15.
 He met with his father Ganjaku after 17 years of separation in the 10th year of Meiji.
 He was well acquainted with Sewamono by Chikamastu and became the most distinguished actor of Kamigata Kabuki.
 He passed away at 76 in the 10th year of Showa.
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