Yasui Jinja (Shrine)
  3, Ousaka 1-chome, Tennoji-ku
[ Tennojikoenmae ] by bus about 100m to the east
 Legend has it that Sugawara Michizane conducted a ritual at the site as he awaited the departure of his ship after his demotion to Dazaifu in Kyushu.
 While he stayed here, he had a fit of spasm(kan in Japanese), so he cured his illness by drinking well water.
 The well crib and a stone monument titled “Kanshizumenomizu”(water to cure a fit of spasm) remain at the lowest steps in the precinct.
 The Yasui well was one of the seven famous springs at Tennoji.
 There is a stone monument of the site of Sanada Yukimura's death in the precinct of the shrine.
 Yukimura, who was a general for the Toyotomi family, set up his camp at Chausuyama and died a glorious death around here after he attacked the main base of the Tokugawa Ieyasu's camp but failed to win the last battle of the Osaka Summer Siege.
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