Ikutama Jinja (Shrine)
  13, Ikutamacho, Tennoji-ku
[ Tanimachi 9-chome ]by Tanimachi and Sennichimae Line
 about 200m to the southeast
 Ikushimakami and Tarushimakami are enshrined.
 The shrine was listed in the ancient law code named Engishiki.
 It was located initially next to the Ishiyamahonganji temple(situated at the site of the Osaka Castle) but was burned down in the Ishiyama battle and later moved here when Hideyoshi founded the Castle.
 It was prosperous, boasting of broad precincts and grand buildings. It often suffered disasters and was burned down by the War.
 The western side of the main building stood on the edge of a steep cliff and a stage was once equipped there from where people would command a fine view of Rokko Mountains and Awaji Island.
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