The site of Kawaguchi Settlement
  5, 1-chome, Kawaguchi, Nishi-ku
at the northwest corner of Honden Elementary School
[ Kawaguchi 1-chome ]by bus to the south
 When the open port of Osaka started in the first year of Meiji, the area of settlement for foreigners which was about 26,000 squares was set up around here and was sold by auction, where trees were planted lining a street and street oil lamps, western styled bungalow buildings were lined along a paved road.
 This area enjoyed extraterritorial rights and became a famous place full of novelty for citizens.
 The settlement for foreigners was abolished with the revision of the treaty in the 32nd year of Meiji and passed over to Osaka City.
 The foreigners who had been living around the area moved to Kobe.
Instead, those who were concerned with Christianity such as missionaries came to live and tried hard to operate a hospital, a school(especially education of women).
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