Tomb of Ryukeizenji
  4-18, 3-chome, Honden, Nishi-ku
Kyutozenin temple
[ Kujo ]by Chuo Line
 about 250m to the northeast
 Ryukeizenji who was a high priest in the era of Edo studied Tantric Buddhism in Toji temple at age 8 and later received the title “Taisyuseito Zenji” from the ex-Emperor Gomizunoo.
 He became a Priest Ingen's disciple and helped Ingen found the Manpukuji temple to propagate Buddhism.
 He was invited and held a magnificent Buddhist service for the commencement of the temple in the 10th year of Kanbun(1670). After 8days from the service on the 23rd of August, Osaka was struck by a typhoon and the citizens suffered a big blow.
 During the typhoon he kept sitting in Zen meditation still and in aplomb to his death.
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