The site of Sumitomo Copper Smelting Works
  6-7, 1-chome, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku
[ Nagahoribashi ]by Sakaisuji and Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line
 about 300m to the east
 The Sumitomo family the second, Tomomochi, founded the Sumitomo Copper Smelting Works in the year of Kanei(about 1640).
 At that time Osaka was a center of copper smelting business.  
 There were many copper refiners along the places convenient for transportation by vessel such as both of Yokobori, Nagahori.
 Copper for export was manufactured in Osaka and conveyed to Nagasaki.
 Sumitomo Works was the most famous among those refineries.
 According to the investigation by excavation, there were an  underground safe to receive gold and silver, as many as 80 hearths and many pieces of Chinese ceramics were found at the dwelling site that were to be reminded of daily life in those days.
 This refinery lasted until the 6th year of Meiji and later became a residence of Sumitomo family.
 In those days it was rare for its Western style building made of wood but was burned down by the War.
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