The site of Namiyokeyama Hill

12, 5-chome, Benten, Minato-ku
Bentenhigashi Park

[ Benten-cho ] by Chuo Line and JR Line
 about 550m to the northwest

 Since the early times, Osaka suffered great damage from floods by the Yodogawa and old Yamatogawa river.
 All kinds of prevention works were made in the era of Edo.
 In Osaka, in the first year of Jokyo(1684), Kawamura Zuiken excaved the Kujojima for improvement of the Yodogawa river under the orders of the shogunate.  At that time the newly excavated river was named Shinkawa(the 11th year of Genroku, later called Ajigawa).
 Namiyokejima Hill, or Zuikenyama, was made from the earth and sand accumulated by the excavation and stayed under the shogunate control.
 Pine trees were planted for the prevention of collapse of the Hill and people used to enjoy the distant view of the scenery but the site is now flat.

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