The site of the first open port 
The site of Osaka Customhouse, Gaimukyoku 
The cradle site of a telegraph office
  2-chome, Kawaguchi, Nishi-ku
Tomishima Branch Office of Osaka Customhouse
[ Kawaguchi 1-chome ]by bus
 about 250m to the west
 After the long national isolation the Meiji government opened to foreign countries. In Osaka Kawaguchi became an open port on the 16th of July in the first year of Meiji.
 There were Unjosho(customhouse), Gaikoku Jimukyoku(Office for Foreign Affairs) equipped at Kawaguchi and it was truly an open port both in name and reality.
 A telegraph office was set up in the 3rd year of Meiji and two lines were opened between Kawaguchi and The Mint, Kobe.
 Kawaguchi was a port on a smaller scale at the upper stream of the Ajigawa river, so numbers of foreign vessels that stopped there decreased causing economic stagnation of Osaka.
 The construction of Osaka Municipal Port(Chikko) started in the 30th year of Meiji.
The site of Osaka customhouse
The cradle site of a telegraph office
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