Tomb of Chikamatsu Monzaemon
  1, 8-chome, Tanimachi, Chuo-ku
[ Tanimachi 6-chome ]by Tanimachi Line
 about 400m to the south
 There are a lot of unknown problems concerning his life.
 He is said to be born in Fukui in the 2nd year of Jowo(1653).
 He played an active part as the author of joruri and kabuki in his youth in Kyoto.
 It is said that he met with Takemoto Gidayu who was famous as a performer of joruri in Takemoto's youth.
 After Gidayu came over to Osaka and got independent, he became more acquainted with Gidayu and was invited to live in Osaka, where he distinguished himself as a joruri author of dramas dealing with common people's life such as “Sonezaki Shinju(a double suicide)”.
 The tomb had been in the precincts of Myohoji Temple. After the temple was moved elsewhere, the tomb is now standing between a high-rise building and a filling station.
 He died at 72 in the 9th year of Kyoho(1724).

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