Masui spring water@

@ 5-35, Reinincho, Tennoji-ku
m Tennojikoenmae n by bus about 100m to the east
 Once there were two wells but only one place remains now.
 When the wells used to be springing out in the Edo era, there was a pool that was divided into two steps, the upper was available for samurais and the lower was for farmers, tradesmen and artisans.
 Tennoji and its vicinities are on the border of the western cliff of the Uemachi plateau and were blessed with good well water.
 Especially, the seven good springs were named gSeven springs in Tennojih and were valued highly.
 One of the seven springs remains in the southern side of the Koshindo named gSpring of Motoshimizu(Taninoshimizu)h.
 Another remains in the Shitennojitemple named gSpring of Kameih, which is now crowded with people who make a visit to the temple and the well crib of a spring remains on the western slope of the Seiko Gakuin High School named gSpring of Ooenokishimizuh.
 The Japanese restaurant, Ukamuse was located at the site of the school, which commanded a fine view, so famous haiku poets such as Basho, Buson visited the restaurant and composed haiku.
 The high school hold a stone monument in commemoration of the two poets and the well crib named gShobuenh.
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