Deathplace of Basyo
  In front of Minami Mido
inside the green area at the east side of the Midosuji avenue
[ Hommachi ]by Midosuji and Chuo Line
 about 50m to the south
 Basyo started his hometown Iga Ueno(Mie Prefecture), passed Nara and came over to Osaka by way of the Kuragari mountain road Sept, in the 7th year of Genroku(1694).
 He had two disciples who played a chief role in haiku field at that time. But they did not get on very well together, so he came to Osaka to reconcile them.
 He had already been ill when started but he viewed the Sumiyoshi Shrine and viewed ritual of Takaranoichi.
 Later he suffered from fever and diarrhea, ill in bed at an inner room of Hanaya Jinemon's and passed away at age 51 on the evening of the 12th of October.
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