The site of Teikokuza Theater
@ 4-7, 4-chome, Kitahama, Chuo-ku
 in front of the south BLD of Sumitomo Trust Bank
m Yodoyabashi nby Midosuji and Keihan Line
 about 100m to the west
 Kawakami Otojiro, who was famous for his play performed by desperads (soshi sibai), erected the Teikokuza theater as a base of Shinpa(a new-school drama) in the 34th year of Meiji(1901).
 It was the earliest western style theater in Osaka, in which gOthelloh, gThe Merchant of Veniceh were staged, but the box-office record was low. He broke down while he was staging the following year at the theater and died with his beloved wife Sadayakko looking after him.
 The theater survived until the 40th year of Showa.

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