Cradle land of Modern Cotton Mill
  12, 2-chome, Sangenyahigashi, Taisyo-ku
Sangenya Park
[ Sangenya ] by bus
 about 200m to the southeast
 Until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, a spinning industry was a household industry born by farmers as a side line.
 A sum of money of importation of cotton thread from abroad was nearly 40% of those amount of foreign imports.
 Under such circumstances a spinning mill formed as a company started in the 16th year of Meiji.
 This company used electric light for night work for the first time in private companies in the 19th year of Meiji.
 When the spinning mill was opened to the public at night for 3 days, it was crowded with people as many as 50,000 to look at the light, which was called “Himo(string)Lamp”.
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