The site of astronomical observation place
by Hazama Chogai
  2-chome, Shinmachi, Nishi-ku
[ Nishi Ohashi ]by Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line
the connection exit to the bicycle parking lot
 Hazama Chogai(1756〜1816) was a pawnbroker and an astronomist.
 There was a great deal of difference between real revolution of the sun and calendar.
 The shogunate started the revision of its calendar.
He took part in the project and completed it in the 9th year of Kansei(1797).
 The shogunate appreciated his achievement and intended to get him an immediate follower but he declined.
 Instead, he borrowed the tools for astronomical observation made by England.
 He was engaged in the observation on the Tondayabashi bridge located at the southern side of his house.
 At that time he was so authoritative as to close the bridge to traffic.
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