The site of Seimikyoku
 a historic site designated by the Osaka Prefecture
  3-chome, Otemae, Chuo-ku
[ Tanimachi 4-chome ]by Chuo-Line
 the exit 1B to the east
 Seimi means physics and chemistry in Dutch.
 In the end of Edo era, the shogunate intended to open the institute of Western studies, or Edo Yosho(Western books) Shirabesyo, but the era of the Meiji Restoration made it move to Osaka.
 It was the first, public school in Osaka. A Dutchman named Haratama was invited as a teacher.
 It was opened  May, in the 2nd year of Meiji, when physics and chemistry were chiefly lectured.
 The name of school changed under the reform of the educational system and it was moved to Kyoto in the 22nd year of Meiji and became the old 3rd High School and the Kyoto University.
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