The site of Osaka Commercial Training School 
@ 2, 2-chome, Itachibori, Nishi-ku
Awazaminami Park
m Itachibori 2-chome nby bus
 about 100m to the west
 A young newspaper writer Kato Masanosuke felt regret that Osaka had no commercial school in spite of being a center of economy. He consulted with Kadota Saburobei, Godai Tomoastu and others and made effort to found a commercial school.
 At last he opened it by remodeling the town office situated in Itachibori under the assistance of large merchants such as Konoike, Sumitomo, Fujita in the 13th year of Meiji.
 In the era of civilization and enlightenment the school was crowded with so many students that the floor of school was narrowly avoided to be broken.
 The subject lectured at school was intended for practical use and the management owed a great deal to Kadota Saburobei.
 The newspapers of those days gave account of its prosperous state and said that the school must be more successful in the future.
 That was what it said.
 Later management of it was passed on to Osaka City and became Osaka City University.

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