The ruins of Naniwanomiya
(ancient palace)
  6, 1-chome, Hoenzaka, Chuo-ku
[ Kokuritsu Osaka Byoin-mae ]by bus
 about 200m to the northeast
 It was unknown where the site was in spite of being able to see the Naniwanomiya in historical records.
 The whole image of the ancient palace has come out lately by Yamane Tokutaro of the Osaka City University, who has devoted his life to excavate it from the 28th year of Showa.
 The area is one kilometer square including the restored Daigokuden as the center building.
 We find both the remains of the former period of the palace in the Tenmu Dynasty(burned down in 686) and that of the latter period in the Shomu Dynasty(constructed in 726), those were different on a scale.
 We found the Suzakumon gate in the 5th year of Heisei, and large buildings with high floors and pillars in the compound of the Central Gymnasium in the 62nd year of Showa.
 The gate and buildings are restored and displayed.
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