The site of Tsuriganeyashiki
  2-11, 2-chome, Tsuriganecho, Chuo-ku
[ Temmabashi ]by Tanimachi and Keihan Line
 about 300m to the southwest
 When the third shogun Iemitsu visited the Osaka Castle in the 11th year of Kanei(1634), he promised to exempt Osaka residents from the fixed property taxation.
 Appreciating his benevolence, Osaka residents made a hanging bell and a bell tower to notify the time around the town.
 The bell tower was removed in the 3rd year of Meiji and the hanging bell was kept at the top of the Osaka Prefecture's office building.
 In the 50th year of Showa, the bell was moved again to the place where it once used to be because of efforts of the local people.
 The bell is ringing now three times a day.
 The address' name Tsuriganecho is derived from the incident.
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