Osaka City Minato Ward:Ocean Gateway to international marquee city, Osaka

Interesting Spots in Minato Ward

D:Southeast Area of Minato Ward

D:Southeast Area of Minato Ward


3.Flood Gates

There was great damage from high flood tides during Typhoon Jane and the Muroto No.2 Typhoon. Because of this, Ajigawa River flood gate and Shirinashigawa River flood gate were build in 1970, modeled on the flood gates on Holland's River Lek, to prevent flood tides from breaking through during typhoons.

7.Ferry Boats

Until the late 1920s ferries were one of the important means of transportation. With the increase of automobiles and change in traffic conditions they have almost disappeared, but the Tempozan Ferry (Ajigawa River) and Jimbe Ferry (Shirinashigawa River) are used even today by a great number of people.

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