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In the days of Emperor Seiwa (circa 858), the farmers of the region were suffering from a massive drought. In an effort to attract rain, sacred lanterns and bells were brought from Ichinomiya shrines in all 66 feudal domains throughout Japan and hung on pillars. The result was a torrential deluge. Out of sheer happiness, the people placed the lantern-laden pillars on frames and paraded them around the vicinity, thumping drums and dancing as they went. This evolved into the modern-day Daigaku Festival. The one remaining lantern-pillar was the only one to survive a fire during a battle in Okayama Prefecture. The "Last Kaishi of the Daigaku Pillars of Tamade" situated next to the torii gate harks back to the heady history of the area.

These days, a smaller version of the daigaku poles are used in the annual Daigaku Festival, which is held on the 24th and 25th of July of each year. (Designated by the prefecture as a tangible cultural asset in 1972.)

Location : 2-1, Tamade-nishi
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