City of Osaka 大阪市
A Guide For Living In Osaka

A guide for living in OSAKA

Preparing for Accidents and Emergencies

Sudden Illness, Injuries / Fire / Police / Earthquakes / Typhoons / About evacuation in a time of disaster / Preparing for times of emergency

Municipal Transportation

Subway / Bus / Convenient discount tickets / Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center / Service Managers of Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau / Railways ・ Limousine bus / JR / Other Private Railways / Access to/from Kansai Airport

Useful Information when Entering Japan

How to make a phone call / Postal Services / Banking Services

What to Know Once You Have Entered Japan

Resident Registration / Various Registrations / Medical Insurance in Japan / Driverʼs License

Residence Procedures & Passport

Immigration Bureau & Immigration Information Center / Residence Procedures / Passport

For Comfortable Living

Finding Housing / Water & Sewerage / Electricity / Gas / Telephone / Waste and Recycling

Parenting & Education

Child Care / Day Nurseries and Kindergartens / Counseling on Child Care / Organization of the Education System / Elementary and Junior High Schools / High Schools / Schools for Foreign Children

For Foreign Students

Scholarships / Accommodation / Employment Support Service for International Students / Osaka Citizenʼs Fund for Foreign Students / Invitation to cultural events and facilities / Consultation service for foreign students / Japanese Language Schools

When You Are Ill

Having an Examination / Medical Insurance System / Services For Health / Medical Consultation / Osaka City Hospitals / Hospitals in Osaka City where English / Other Languages are Spoken / Multilingual medical interview sheet

Living Procedures

Taxes / Pension / Kaigo Hoken: The Long-Term Care Insurance System / Welfare for the Elderly / Welfare for the people with physical or mental disabilities / Support for Single Parent Families

Facilities Around the City

City Hall, Ward Office / Osaka City Service Counters / Osaka City Hall Residence Certification / Family Register Certification Application Section / Government and Prefectural Offices / Consulates General in the Kansai

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