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Useful Information when Entering Japan

How to make a phone call

1 Domestic Call

Area Code → Telephone Number
(For domestic calls in Japan, area codes must be preceded by a ZERO.)
For local calls, there is no need to dial an area code before the telephone number.

Directory Assistance (Japanese, Charge applies)
104 (Forwarding to English operator available)

2 International Call

Dial as follows to place an international call.

Access Code→010→Country Code→Area Code→Telephone Number

Choose one access code from one of the following telephone companies offering international calls: 001(KDDI Corporation), 0033(NTT Communications), 0041(SOFT BANK Telecom).
For example, if you wish to call to 123-4567 in New York City, U.S.A., dial
001(Access code) - 010 - 1(Country code of U.S.A.) -
212(Area code of New York City) - 123 - 4567(Telephone number)

Dial 0051 for KDDI operator-assisted international calls.

3 Public Telephone

Public telephones (2 types, green color or gray color phones) are convenient for both local and long-distance calls with a prepaid telephone card.

4 Major Telephone Companies for Long Distance & International Calls

NTT Communications
Contents Time TEL
※Toll Free
Inquiries about long-distance calls, international calls, and others 9:00-21:00
Open everyday except the year-end/New Year holidays
☎ 0120-506506 Japanese
Contents Time TEL
※Toll Free
International call 24 hours ☎ 0057 Japanese
Inquiries about international calls 9:00-20:00
Open everyday
☎0120-977-097 Japanese English
All Services 9:00-20:00
Open everyday
☎ 0077-777 Japanese
Softbank Telecom
Contents Time TEL
※Toll Free
All Services 9:00-17:00
☎ 0088-24-0088 Japanese
All Services 9:00-17:00
☎ 0088-41 Japanese
All Services 9:00-17:00
☎ 0120-03-0061 Japanese

5 Cellular Phones

To sign up for a cellular phone contract you will need your Residence Card (showing you will be in Japan for more than 90 days) and evidence of your current address. For more details, please refer to each cellular phone company.

Cellular Phone Companies

6 Telephone Directories

iTOWNPAGE (Japanese Version)

7 Faxing

Facsimile service is available at major train stations or convenience stores within the city. (For sending only). Please make inquires directly to them.

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Postal Services

The post office offers not only postal services, but also various financial and insurance related services.

Customer Services Information
(Japanese) TEL:0120-23-28-86
(English) TEL:0570-046-111 ※Call charge applies
(Cellular phone) TEL:0570-046-666 ※Call charge applies
Weekday: 8:00 - 22:00 Saturday, Sunday & National holidays 9:00 - 22:00

1 Domestic Mail Types & Rates

Domestic Mail Types & Rates

Classification Weight Rate
Standard-sized items Up to 25g ¥82
Up to 50g ¥92
Classification Weight Rate(Standard) Rate(Non-standard)
Nonstandard-sized items Up to 50g ¥120 ¥200
Up to 100g ¥140 ¥220
Up to 150g ¥205 ¥290
Up to 250g ¥250 ¥340
Up to 500g ¥380 ¥500
Up to 1kg ¥570 ¥700
Up to 2kg There is no handling ¥1,020
Up to 4kg There is no handling ¥1,330
Classification Weight Rate
Letter-cards (Up to 25g) ¥62
Post Cards
Classification Rate
Postcards ¥62
Reply-paid Post Cards ¥124

Rates for Special Delivery

Express Mail
Classification Weight Rate
Letter-Post Up to 250g plus ¥280
Up to 1kg plus ¥380
Up to 4kg plus ¥650
Registered Mail
Classification Weight Rate
Letter-Post Cash plus ¥430
Items other than cash plus ¥430
Simplified registered mail plus ¥310

2 Japan Post Website

Domestic Mail  (Japanese/English)
International Mail  (Japanese/English/ Chinese/ Korean/Spanish/ Portuguese)

3 Delivery Service

In addition to the post office, there are also many private delivery service companies. You can send parcels from a convenience store.

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Banking Services

1 Opening a Bank Account

If you would like to open a bank account, please conduct the procedures either directly at the bank counter or via the Internet, etc. For details, please ask the relevant bank. You can not open a bank account if you are visiting Japan for sightseeing. You can also open a bank account at a post office.

2 Other Services

Salary deposits and account transfers for utilities, telephone, and tax payments are also available.

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