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Municipal Transportation

Eight subway lines and one New Tram line are operating in Osaka City. Signature colors and letters of the alphabet have been determined for each route, and they make it easier to identify the lines. In addition, each station has a station identification number that consists of a letter and a number. These are useful when making inquiries. Announcements on the train are also made in English.

1 Subway


  Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5
Adult ¥180 ¥230 ¥280 ¥320 ¥370
Child ¥90 ¥120 ¥140 ¥160 ¥190

※Child & Infant fares (same applies to buses)
Child: Over 6 years old, under 12 years old(Elementary school students)
Infant: Over 1 year old, under 6 years old(Children younger than elementary school age)
There is no charge for up to 2 infants traveling with an adult.
However, child fare is applicable in the following cases:
(1)From the third infant onwards when three or more infants travel with an adult, or (2)For an infant (infants) traveling unaccompanied.
Nursing Infant: Under 1 year old, Free

Subway Route map-Subway Route map

2 Bus

Design A cream-colored body with green or blue lines
Operating Zone Mainly the entire area of the city
How to ride Boarding: Board the bus from the back door. (If it is a bus with a single door, board from the front door.) Exit: Get off the bus from the front door. Push the Stop button to signal the driver to stop.
Payment When you get off, drop the fare or insert a pass card into the fare box next to the driver’s seat, or scan an IC card on the touchpad.
Fare (Flat rate)
Adult: ¥210 Child: ¥110

3 Convenient discount tickets

Name / Price Contents
Kaisu card (Multiple-ride card)
Adult: ¥3,000
(¥3,300 worth of travel)
Child: ¥1,500
(¥1,650 worth of travel)
Coverage area: Osaka municipal subway, New Tram and buses
Does not have an expiration date
Osaka Aquarium Ticket(Osaka City Edition)
Adult Adult (high school students and older): ¥2,550
Child (elementary school students): ¥1,300
Admission ticket for Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan which includes unlimited travel on subway, city buses and the New Tram.
<Valid for a limited period>
Osaka Amazing Pass(Osaka Area Edition)
(Osaka Area Edition)
Only for Adult: ¥2,500

Osaka Thru Pass includes a one-day ticket sets for unlimited ride on Osaka Municipal Subway, New tram, buses and private railways, and an admission ticket set for specified facilities, such as Osaka Castle Tower, Umeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien Observatory, etc. (A beneficial coupon is included).
<The period is limited>

One-Day Pass(Enjoy Eco Card)
Adult: ¥800
(Sat.Sun. and holidays ¥600)
Child: ¥300
A one-day, unlimited travel pass for the subway, New Tram and city bus.The ticket will be dated to the day it is first used and will be limited to that day only. This pass also includes admission discounts for tourist facilities in Osaka City
<no expiry date>
IC Card PiTaPa A “post-pay” card that withdraws one month’s total fare (from the first to the last date of the month) from the designated bank account.
A single PiTAPa card can be used on all trains and buses of companies that have introduced it, and it can be used to receive discounts from each company On the Osaka municipal subway, New Tram, and buses, there are three types of services available for PiTaPa discount IC cards.
With the “PiTaPa Free Style” service, the discount applies to the total fare. With the “PiTaPa My Style” service, there is an upper limit for fares of a specific distance traveled.
With the “PiTaPa Premium” service, there is an upper limit for fares within a specific area. For details, please see the website of the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau.

4 Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center

5 Service Managers of Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau

In major seven stations (Shin-Osaka, Umeda, Higashi-Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Namba, Tennoji, and Nipponbashi), a service manager is making the rounds inside the station, mainly around the ticket vending machines, to show travelers how to use the subway and how to get the destination; Chinese interpreters (also available in English) have been arranged for foreign tourists; and the translation service via tablet devices has been provided.
Also, in major three stations (Shin-Osaka, Umeda and Namba), a Subway Information Counter has been installed to give guidance and sell tickets.

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Railways・Limousine bus

JR and other private railways in Osaka City provide developed transport networks. As well as providing Local trains, which stop at every station, there are Express trains which only stop at some of the stations on the line. The number of stops varies in accordance with the type of Express train. These railways offer shared ticket systems, and a variety of ticket discounts.

1 JR

JR is the largest railway network in Japan. It covers most parts of the country.
Lines in Osaka City are under the jurisdiction of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and they operate routes such as the Osaka Loop Line and the JR Tozai Line.

2 Other Private Railways

Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu and Nankai lines run in and around Osaka City. You can get on or off, and change trains with Kansai Thru Pass offered by private railway networks.

3 Access to/from Kansai Airport

From/To Name Time(Approx.)
JR Osaka Station Kansai Airport Rapid Service 65 min
JR Tennoji Station Limited Express HARUKA 30 min
Kansai Airport Rapid Service 45 min
JR Shin-Osaka Station Limited Express HARUKA 50 min
Nankai Namba Station Rapid α 34 min
Rapid β 39 min
Airport Express 43 min
〈Limousine Bus〉
From/To Time required (Approx.)
Osaka Station 60 min
Osaka International Airport (Itami) 75 min
OBP,Shinsaibashi,Kintetsu Uehommachi 55 min
OCAT (JR Namba Station) 48 min
Tenpozan 60 min
Universal Studios JapanTM 70 min
Abeno Harukas (Tennoji Station) 60 min

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  • Vacant taxis display a red “空車” (kusha) light on the lower right-hand side of the windshield.Moving taxis can be hailed by raising your hand from the side of the street. Avoid hailing taxis at intersections.
  • If there is a taxi stand, line up for a taxi there.
  • You can call a taxi company to request to be picked up where you want.
  • Generally, it is not customary to tip drivers.

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Transportation Information

Name & Web Adress Tel
Kansai International Airport
Kansai International Airport website,(Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
Kansai International Airport Information Counter(Telephone Center)
☎ 072-455-2500
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise (Limousine Bus)
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise (Limousine Bus) website (Japanese/ English/ Chinese/ Korean)
Limousine bus center
☎ 072-461-1374
(7:00 – 21:00) Open All Year
Osaka International Airport
Osaka International Airport website (Japanese/ English/ Chinese/ Korean)
General Information Center (at Osaka International Airport)
☎ 06-6856-6781 (6:30 - 21:30)
Osaka Airport Transport (Limousine Bus)
Osaka Airport Transport (Limousine Bus) (Japanese/English)
General Information
☎ 06-6844-1124
(7:30 – 21:00) Open All Year
JR West
JR West Website (Japanese/English)
JR West Information Center
☎ 078-382-8686 (6:00 - 23:00)
Open All Year
Kintetsu Corporation
Kintetsu Corporation website
(Japanese/English/ Chinese/ Korean/Thai)
Travel Information Center
☎ 06-6771-3105 (8:00 - 21:00)
Open All Year
Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. website (Japanese/English/ Chinese/ Korean)
Information Center
☎ 06-6945-4560
(Weekdays : 9:00〜19:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays : 9:00〜17:00,except Year-end/New Year holidays)
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. website (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
Nankai Information Center
☎ 06-6643-1005
(8:30 - 18:30 except the New Year holidays)
Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd.
Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd. website
Customer Service Section
☎ 06-6671-3080
(9:00 - 17:50 except Saturday, Sunday and National holidays)
Hankyu Corporation
Hankyu Corporation website (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
Transportation Information Center
☎ 06-6133-3473
(Weekdays : 9:00-22:00,Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays : 9:00 - 19:00)
Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. website
Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. website (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
Customer Service Section
☎ 06-6457-2258
(9:00 - 17:00 except Saturday, Sunday and National holidays)
Osaka Municipal Transportation Access Guide Office
Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau website (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
Osaka Municipal Transportation Access Guide Office
☎ 06-6582-1400
(8:00 - 20:00)Open All Year

Railway Map

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