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Ferry Docks
The Kizugawa River, which runs along the boundary between Nishinari-ku and Taisho-ku, is served by ferries; once common, they are now a rarity. The Senbonmatsu ferry service is scheduled to be scrapped with the completion of Senbonmatsu Ohashi Bridge; however, the bridge is taking longer than expected to finish, and the ferry service remains in operation. There are docks at Ochiai-ue (Upper), Ochiai-shita (Lower), and Senbonmatsu; ferries leave four times hourly, with extra ferries in the morning and evening commuter rush hours. The service is free.
1. Ochiai-ue Ferry Dock: 3-12, Kita-Tsumori
2. Ochiai-shita Ferry Dock: 2-8, Tsumori
3. Senbonmatsu Ferry Dock: 2-4, Minami-Tsumori
The modern appearance of the Senbonmatsu Ohashi on-ramp, with its triple-helix pattern and 1,245 m span across the river, provides an amusing backdrop for the quaint nostalgia of the ferries-altogether a very unique and humorous scene. It must also be mentioned that the sunset from this point is one of the most beautiful sights in the city.
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