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Tenmangu Shrine
The fabled tea master of the late Muromachi period, Joo Takeno, loved the pure spring water of the forests here, and he spent many months in the area. The shrine shares the deity Michizane Sugawara with Kitano Tenmangu. Tenmangu Shrine is also known as Koyasu Tenmangu; this is due to the sacred stone called Koyasu Ishi ("smooth childbirth stone") located on the east side of the hall of worship. As its name suggests, the stone was believed to ensure an uncomplicated birth, and many came to pray at the stone. It is said that when Yodogimi, wife of feudal lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, fell pregnant, Hideyoshi stopped here to pray for an easy birth on his way to worship at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.
The preserved trees of the Tenjin-no Mori forest
This is also known as Joo's forest (see above). Joo came to Kyoto at an early age and studied the art of tanka poetry. He was particularly gifted at the tea ceremony, and believed that spiritual austerity and serenity were the ideal state in which to perform the ceremony. The famous tea master, Sen Rikyu, was one of Joo's disciples in his later years. Thirteen old camphor trees were designated for preservation by the municipal government in 1968.

Location : 2-3, Kishinosato-higashi
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