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Shoenji Temple
This temple is also known as Shoten-san and sits in Tengachaya, on the border of Nishinari-ku and Abeno-ku. Originally built in 939 as a temple dedicated to Osho Kodo and located in Abeno-ku to the east, the various temple buildings were relocated and rebuilt in the current location in the Genroku period (1688-1704) by Osho Gidomyoken; he called the temple Kaishozan ("sea lights mountain") Shoenji because of the sea views afforded by the lay of the land. The temple's main image of Buddha is Daisho Kankitenno, which itself houses Knakitenson, and is said to be made by the famous Jikaku Daishi. Additionally, there are a number of other halls and deities to enthrall visitors making Shoenji a very impressive temple indeed.

Location : 2 Shoten-shita
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