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Ruins of the Tsumori New Rice Markets
A monument, erected by Osaka City, stands in the northwest corner of Tsumori Primary School and features an inscription to the effect of "In the grounds of this school once stood the Tsumori new rice markets during the Edo period. Known as the eMutsuki Garden' of Mr. Shirayama, the owner of the rice fields, it was one of the most famous gardens in Osaka." The markets were one of the land owner's residences; there the administrative matters relating to the rice fields were carried out, and the annual taxes that farmers paid were calculated. The Tsumori new rice fields were developed in the Genroku period (1688-1704) under contract by Genzaemon Yokoi and Genpei Kanaya. They paid a fee of 1,250 ryo (old currency) to the shogunate, commenced work in 1698, and developed over 700 km2 in three years.
[Designated as an Osaka City historical monument]

Location : inside Tsumori Primary School; 3-1, Tsumori
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