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Tengachaya Park
[Foundation stone for the main pillar of Abe Temple]
Abe Temple was one of the subordinate temples to Shitennoji Temple. While it was previously located in modern-day Matsuzaki-cho, Abeno-ku, the foundation stone is preserved here in Nishinari-ku. The foundation stone is made of granite, and is thought to have supported a Hakuho era five-storied pagoda. There is a hole for placing holy ashes in the center of the stone.

[Archaeological Materials Designated by the Osaka Prefectural Government as Cultural Assets]

[The Remains of Zesaiya]
Modern-day Tengachaya Park is located on the site of the remains of the old medicine maker, Zesaiya; a stone monument stands to the side of the eastern entrance to the park. Zesaiya was created in the Kanei period (1624-1644) when Soemon Tsuda, from the Omi region, sold his "Wachusan" medicine at this site, utilizing its favorable location on the Sumiyoshi highway. Naturally, the road was seething with thronging travelers, and the medicine man did a roaring trade. The store was also known as a good place to have a cup of tea.

Location : 1-16, Kishinosato-higashi
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