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Anyoji Temple
This is one of the subordinate temples to Isshinji, a temple of the Chion-in branch of the Jodo Sect. The temple was founded in March 1689 by Joyoseikunni, and its main deity is Amitabha. The temple was razed by fire in 1887 and again during WWII in 1945; the present buildings were constructed in 1959. The grounds contain the graves of Osan Kamiji, Yauemon Inagawa, and Gyogan Sato.
(1) Osan Kamiji was the wife of Jihei Kamiya, whose vow of faithfulness to her husband was made famous in the play "Double Suicide: Amijima of the Heavens" by Monzaemon Chikamatsu.
(2) Yauemon Inagawa was one of Osaka's most celebrated sumo wrestlers. His gravestone bears an inscription to the effect that he loved sumo dearly and always trained and practiced diligently, and that is why he became such a popular wrestler among the people.
(3) Gyomaru Sato was one of the best practitioners of kyogen theater ever seen (kyogen is a light, humorous interlude in Noh plays). His Komoriren kyogen troupe was the most popular at the time, and he was known for his subtly humorous gags and biting satire.
[Designated as an Osaka City historical monument]

Location : 1-7-15, Kishinosato-higashi
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